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Virtual Region
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The Virtual Region supports online, telephone, Zoom, social media, chat, and email meetings of Overeaters Anonymous.

Just as there are many kinds of OA Meetings, there are many kinds of eating disorders.

Compulsive eaters – those who cannot stop after the first bite when eating certain foods. Body dysmorphia - those who hate their bodies, even though everyone says, “You look great.”   Bulimics who vomit and purge their food after eating to feel clean and empty.  Some exercise to excess – planning their entire lives around their exercise, rather than planning exercise around life. There are anorexics, who starve themselves to stay in control.  All of us have obsessed about food and have used food as a solution to our problems.

If this sounds familiar - There is a Solution.  You are not alone.  At this conference, you will find people who understand eating disorders from personal experience, strength and who are willing to share about their recovery.

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